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Often and in my case the wait for a Row Cache Lock is the culmination of a chain of.This request can be configured to purge the request data from the FND tables as well as the log files and output files on accumulate on. disk. 3.Adjusting the Concurrent Manager Cache Size Concurrent manager performance can also be enhanced by increasing the manager cache size to be at lease twice the number of target processes.

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This is a synchronous transaction because the client waits for.

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Concurrency and locks. on various types of user and system object types to control changes to data by concurrent operations. it must get an X lock on every row.

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Himanshu Sinha - Google+. Press. FND_DCP.REQUEST_SESSION_LOCK / DBMS_LOCK.Request. How to Trace a Concurrent Request & Get the location for Trace FIle..

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Selectivity is the fraction of rows in a table that the SQL.

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