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Hello Forum I want to know if it is possible to restore a database using a local backup file to a linked Server.In this tip we look at how to install and configure linked servers for SQL Server and Oracle 64 bit client.

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I need to create a linked server with SQL Server Management Studio 2005 to an Access 95 database, which happens to be password protected at the database level. User.

Error - OLE DB Provider 'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' for

SQL Server blocked access to STATEMENT ‘OpenRowset

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Linked servers, the core technology in SQL Server 2000 distributed partitioned views, let you use distributed queries to query a SQL Server or non-SQL Server database.

Frequently, we need to use OPENROWSET queries to connect to remote database servers.

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In this article we going to look into creating a heterogeneous linked server. i.e. We are going to create a linked server to SYBASE database server from SQL Server.I need to configure my SQL Server instance for distributed transactions via linked server, however it looks that the default settings do not work. please.In this data tutorial, we will outline options to INSERT results.

OpenDataSouce function – to query OLEDB Data Source