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You need to get the page access token through your Facebook app.

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To get access keys, go to the Google Developers Console and specify your.

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Hi, i am trying to add some of facebook functions to a website. i have looked through the developer documentation however i find it very choppy and difficult to.I need to generate a Page Access Token for a webpage that I have, this token will be used by the webpage to post to its Facebook Page feed.

This example covers obtaining an access token and signed request from within the context of a page tab with the Facebook SDK.Posting to a Facebook Page via. more importantly it will give us the page access token. and the Facebook SDK I have installed the unofficial Facebook SDK using.

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Ever wondered how to generate FB page access token, here is how.

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Implement Facebook Instant Articles using FB PHP SDK. FB Page ID 4.

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This class represents an immutable access token for using Facebook APIs. Since tokens expire, the Facebook SDK will attempt to.

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They are unique to each Page, admin, and app and have an expiration time.How to acquire Access Tokens (App, User, Page) and extend them easily.

Learn what Access Tokens are and how you can use them with Auth0.If you want to update the cover image for your Facebook Page automatically, you can do so using the Facebook PHP SDK. and setting the page access token.

The Facebook SDK for Javascript obtains and persists user access tokens automatically in.Facebook Page Access Token. and you need to use it on your server - do not use the JavaScript SDK for this.A simple tutorial to show how you can extend the expiration of a page access token.

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Post to Facebook Fanpage as Page Admin through App via Impersonation. by Matthias Kerstner.

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For more information, see How to use the Azure Mobile Apps Node.js SDK,. X-MS-TOKEN-FACEBOOK-ACCESS-TOKEN X-MS-TOKEN-FACEBOOK-EXPIRES-ON: Google.